Thursday, May 29, 2014

Haus am Waldsee

At the press conference Juan tells us that the ideal order in which to experience the exhibition is to begin at Haus am Waldsee, followed by the Ethnological Museum at Dahlem (four U-Bahn stops to the north), then the biennale's ancestral home -- KW -- at Mitte.

The day before the press conference, Juan allowed me to follow him as he supervised the Haus am Waldsee installation. Although I hope to write a larger profile elsewhere, what follows took place within the first five minutes of our arrival.

Juan helps Angela Bulloch and her assistant load in her sculpture.

The bleed from Carla Zaccagnini's installation is interfering with the sound of Slavs and Tatars' installation at the end of the grounds.

Juan discusses the problem with Slavs and Tatars' Kasia.

The Slavs and Tatars installation: two massive sound speakers.

As we return to the haus, Juan is on the phone to the preparators, whom he asks to turn Carla's speakers towards the visual elements of her piece inside.

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