Wednesday, June 2, 2010

While walking back from the grocery store this afternoon I noticed a new cafe at 3919 Knight Street, the former site of the Kensington branch of the Vancouver Public Library. The sandwich board said The Mermaid Cafe, so, being neighbourly, I poked my head in to say hi.

Behind the counter was an energetic clean-cut guy, early thirties, who greeted me with a million dollar smile. I welcomed him to the neighbourhood, but not before noticing a garish orange-and-black interior, the place devoid of customers.

Moments ago, the daily neighbourhood list serve arrived in my in-box. Privacy regulations forbid me from quoting from our service, but someone had seen the Mermaid's site and, though initially enthusiastic, expressed concern over the cafe's ambitions.

Here is what I found on the Mermaid Cafe site:

coffee, muffins, sandwiches, treats, special events!

Rat Pack and Showgirl Party!
2 nights: Friday May 28th and Sunday May 30th

Clicking deeper:

Proudly serving Nespresso Gourmet Coffee, Homemade Sandwiches and Soups, Delicious Baked Treats.
Let the Mermaid Host your nest Event!
Parties Tail-ored to your needs!
Options can include:
Live Cabaret or Burlesque Entertainment, Appetizers, Beverages, Cupcakes
Cash Bar available with Advance notice
School of Tease Burlesque, Instruction Parties also available.

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