Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last night’s reopening of the Waldorf Hotel was a grand success, with terrific performances by Rodney Graham Band in the Cabaret, Paul Wong’s “Hotel” installation in the rooms, DJ sets by Stan Douglas and David Wisdom in the Tiki Bar, and Ryan Moore’s Twilight Circus Dub and Phil Western in the Library downstairs. The only setback, as far as I could tell, were the lineups.

For my part, it was a pleasure working with Tom Anselmi on the opening night program, and through him, meeting restauranteur Ernesto Gomez and Nick, the general manager, as well as being reacquainted with Brand Manager Daniel Fazio, who, as the bassist for Flash Bastard, makes a brief appearance in the film version of my book Hard Core Logo. A great team. I wish them the best in this extraordinary endeavor and look forward to future events.

As for the nature of these events, I would encourage anyone with an idea, be it a one-off or a series, to contact the hotel through their website. I will remain a “friend” of the Waldorf, assisting in the development of thematic programming, but after all those years curating the Reading Railroad (Railway Club), the Malcolm Lowry Room (North Burnaby Inn) and last February’s Candahar Bar (Cultural Olympiad), I have little left in the tank.

While driving home last night I passed A-Plus Florists at the 1400-block Venables. What is for fifty weeks of the year a flower shop (“A dozen roses for 10 dollars”) turns hybrid for the last two weeks of October, when fireworks -- and their "for sale" signs -- are added. It is quite the sight: that which blooms quietly compared to that which goes off with a bang.

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