Saturday, August 12, 2017

2391 Wall Street

I remember when Bill and Geoffrey told me they purchased a house on Wall Street. I said, "Is it the one -- " and Geoffrey said "Yes."

Geoffrey sent out a note a couple days ago inviting friends to bring a friend to his studio to say goodbye, maybe take with them a broom or a boxcutter.

I texted Anne to see if she is interested.

Years ago Geoffrey came upon a portrait of my seven-year-old self, painted in 1969. A friend of my father owed my father some money, and my father said, "Instead of the money, paint a portrait of my son."

For years the portrait hung in Geoffrey's studio. I doubt he will be taking it to Kauai.

Below is the only other painting of me (that I know of). It was painted by Phillip McCrum in 1997 as part of his The French Revolution series, with me "standing in" for Jean Joseph Mounier.

Here is a picture I took of Geoffrey at the Wall Street house back in the summer of 2011.

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