Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pictures at an Exhibition

I left Woodhaven early yesterday to visit Katherine Pickering's recently opened exhibition (see detail below) en route to Ranchero Jungen. I did not know that the Vernon Public Art Gallery has four discrete exhibition spaces.

The sandwich board in front of the VPAG was made by Carmen, a young artist and VPAG gallery attendant who recently returned to the Okanagan after completing a BFA at OCAD. Not sure which of Katherine's sculpture paintings Carmen recreated on her sandwich board, but her Nicole Young drawing is clearly based on this one:

Also included at the VPAG is a group exhibition entitled Water: the Sacred Relationship by the Kama? Creative Aboriginal Arts Collective, which includes works by UBCO FCCS MFA classmates Mariel Belanger (see below) and Cori Derickson.

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  1. These pictures at this exhibition look fantastic. The last one is my favorite. I also have organized the expo for displaying my artwork at one of the domestic event space San Francisco. Have already done a lot of arrangements. I hope everything will go as planned.