Monday, June 27, 2016

Stairway to Seven

Yesterday Julian and I worked on "Caged Bag", an art song we are composing for the hell of it. After a couple hours we took lunch at Don't Argue, then to Dynamo, where artists Andrew Lee and Khan Lee (above) have mounted Ascending: Black, White, and Brown, an installation featuring electric organs (Farfisas, Galantis, Wurlitzers) that the two gathered ("free") from Craigslist and placed on a seven-step stage.

Once installed, the organs are plugged in and, as if to prompt the gallery-goer, objects are placed upon their keys. The result is a drone that begs to be broken, but like most of what passes for life these days, can only be augmented, diminished or suspended.

Here is Julian:

Another gallery patron below him:

And another at the foot of the stage, on the church organ:

Ascending is up until July 3.

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