Wednesday, May 11, 2016


On Monday morning I walked down to the Broadway and Commercial Skytrain Station en route to the West End, where I would meet Amy and we would drive to Whistler to see the Audain Art Museum and get a tour of the just-completed upstairs.

Here is a very nice Rufino Tamayo (Sandias, 1955) from the Audain's Mexican Muralists exhibition:

I crossed 12th Avenue just as workers were bringing down the wall between Bandita's and the former Katmandu Restaurant. Bandita's is now twice as big. Hopefully the line-ups will be twice as short (if at all).

Yesterday I drove to the Museum of Anthropology for the opening of Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun: Unceded Territory, a survey show of the artist's work since the early 1980s. What a madhouse! I pulled into the Rose Garden Parkade and saw a very long line of very old people standing before the "automated" ticket purchasing machine. Resisted the temptation to think, This will take forever.

There could have been a thousand people at MOA. The closest I could get to Lawrence's speech appears courtesy of my phone's Edit-Crop function (had to zoom-in twice!).

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