Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun: Unceded Territories has garnered quite a bit of publicity. On Sunday, the Globe and Mail published a piece that features an exchange between Yuxweluptun and reporter Marsha Lederman. The piece begins with Yuxweluptun grabbing the glasses from Lederman's face:

“Those are your glasses, right? I have them, they belong to you. I’m using them, they’re yours. They’re in my possession, you own them. I’m benefiting from it, but they’re yours,” he says, in a prolonged analogy where my glasses stand for the land, I am the First Nations and he is the government – the thief holding my property.
“I have it. You own them. I’m using them. I’m destroying whatever I want but you can watch. That is the usufruct. So every day that I have your glasses I am going to usufructure every right you [have]. I’m going to fruck you every day. I am the frucker that’s frucking you around. So what is your problem? You’re trying to get your glasses back. But if you go and get a lawyer maybe we can talk for the next 200, 500 years about your rights. Because I don’t recognize them.”

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