Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"…memory's vision…"

In her 1990 essay "Critical Languages" Kathy Acker writes of her hunger for New York's art community ("or rather for my memory's vision of New York's art community"), and how in returning there ("I ran from gallery to gallery") she recalls the "artists from whom [she] had learned so much" (Sherry Levine, Richard Prince, Jenny Holzer) and the inevitable let-down that comes with "memory's vision" ("I now saw that these works equaled money").

I bring up Acker's essay because people are reading it again, and the quote that rises most often from its dormant ocean floor is this:

"Let one of art criticism's languages be silence so that we can hear the sounds of the body: winds and voices from far-off shores, the sounds of the unknown."

It's a nice quote (or rather it sounds nice). But does it say anything more than I am an art critic, and I have not written any art criticism lately?

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