Friday, October 16, 2015

Game Five Seventh Inning

Yesterday Fox announced an hour-long television special devoted to the Blue Jays-Rangers' suddenly legendary Game Five seventh inning -- an inning that took almost all of that (53 minutes) to complete.

More than a few commentators have referred to this inning as one that transcended the game. Not just its strange baseball plays (three errors in a row and a return throw/infield "bunt"), but a man-on-man tush tap, a petulant bat toss and the presence of mothers and babies on the field, among other things.

An artist who made a work out of baseball is Janice Kerbel. Using every MLB statistic at her disposal, Kerbel devised what she calls a "perfectly average baseball game." Feel free to ask her about this, and more, when she comes to Vancouver next week to speak at the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts.

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