Monday, June 9, 2014

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

At the northwest corner of Kingsway and Clark Drive is Vancity Medicinals, the latest in what are now ten medical marijuana dispensaries in the eight blocks between Perry and Fraser Streets.

Why so many dispensaries in such a small area? I asked a nearby business owner, who promptly told me what a friend who works for the City told him: that our neighbourhood is known for its apathy, and that attempts to open businesses like these in other parts of the city have been met with petitions and trips to city hall.

So how do these businesses work? To which he said, They work because the City has made anything to do with marijuana (short of a grow-op) a low priority. From there he added that many of these sites do not have a business licence, and that they operate through non-profit status, where once people are prescribed marijuana for their pain, they go to these dispensaries, become members, and purchase their medication.

Last week, while passing Vancity Medicinals, I noticed a sandwich board that read:

Doctor's Clinic Mondays
4:30pm - 6:30pm
Walk-ins Welcome
Appointments Preferred.

But there was another sign. Six just like it, to be exact:

24 Hours
In Use.

Are these joints targets for break-ins? I asked the nearby business owner. To which he smiled and said: Think about it. Ten dispensaries within eight blocks of each other? You have to think that at least one of them might feel the need to assert a little elbow room.


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  2. Medical marijuana industry has been expanding fast because of certain states legalizing its use for medicinal purposes. But dispensers are difficult to find. So having ten on your place is actually a good thing. At least people from your town will be assured that there will be enough dispensaries that can serve them. Although that many in an 8-block radius does seem a bit too much.

    Brad Benson @ Canna MedBox

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