Friday, June 13, 2014

Kingsgate Mall Happenings

Throughout the month of June, artist Casey Wei is a resident of the Western Front. For her residency, Casey has devised Kingsgate Mall Happenings, a daily program of events staged in and around what for some is the most locally-determined mall in Vancouver, where unaffordable futures are secondary to the realities of the just-passed.

A couple months ago, when Casey was organizing her program, she asked if I would host a readings night, and I said yes. But rather than round up the usual suspects, I thought I might take a different approach and ask, via this news service, that those interested join me on Wednesday June 25, between 7PM-9PM, to read something of your work and/or the work of another, perhaps share as well what recollections you might have of this mall and what it means to you.

Still not sure if this is a paying gig, but either way, I will have something for those willing to join in.

The Kingsgate Mall is located at the southeast corner of East Broadway and Kingsway.

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