Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Persian Rose, Chartreuse Muse, Vancouver Grey

Among the exhibitions I look forward to this month is Persian Rose, Chartreuse Muse, Vancouver Grey, curated by Vancouver-based painter and educator Mina Totino (see above).

The exhibition will include mostly paintings, but in some instances prints (Tomma Abts) and objects (Mary Heilmann), by a range of contemporary artists, all of whom Totino has sought out and brought together, with Equinox Gallery supplying the barn.

From what I have gathered from my conversations with Totino, this exhibition is not about "painting" (in scare quotes), but painting as an accumulation of actions, attitudes and altercations.

In addition to those mentioned (parenthetically), expect to see works by established older artists like Bernard Frize, mid-career artists like Silke Otto-Knapp, early-mid-career artists like Monique Mouton, emerging artists like Aaron Carter, not to mention the late Raoul De Keyser.

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