Saturday, October 5, 2013


Last night I attended the launch of three book projects, two of glue and paper (an Isabelle Pauwels monograph and Phaidon Press's Art Cities of the Future), the other online (Flakey: the Early Artworks of Glenn Lewis). Although held at The Apartment, the publications were generated by Presentation House Gallery (the Art Cities "Vancouver" entry was written by PHG director Reid Shier).

The night before saw launches of literary works by two authors I am social with, Thea Bowering and Peter Culley. The launches where a block apart -- at exactly the same time. The lack of co-ordination bothered me, so I took it out on the authors and allowed my annual late lunch with visiting writer Oana Avasilichioaei to extend into the evening.

Yesterday morning I received in the mail the latest issue of The Capilano Review, which carries within it a section devoted to my A Postcard from Victoria exhibition (annotated video grabs, installation shots and my essay). Very happy with how this section turned out, as I always am when I publish with this journal.

As for tonight, another launch, this one at Or Gallery: Jesse Birch's Ginger Goodwin Way (Publication Studio, 2013) and a 12" vinyl record called Night Shift by Brady Cranfield and Jamie Hilder. I will be talking about/reading from my contribution to Ginger Goodwin Way, so if you are entertaining friends from out of town, and you cannot decide what to do, I understand.

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