Sunday, October 6, 2013

from Parkway (2013)

A poem by Peter Culley, taken from the site. (I added possessives to the first line in the first stanza and the fifth line in the second stanza; changed a pluralized proper noun to a singular possessive in the first line of the third; and separated "monitor" and "the" in the third as well.) The poem appears in Pete's latest collection, Parkway (New Star, 2013), the third of three books in his "Hammertown" series.


Blue from Player's Plain
Pharoah & Coltrane
hopped-up hummingbirds
raging on raw honey, oysters &
barnacle-scraping soul-encounters
buzz the pre-dawn Lynnwood rain

Blue from Winslow Homer
or someone with no home to go to
he wet his finger west
& traces out the weather week
his weakest hunch a sheriff's gut 
thrust out for the informer 

Blue Six's Music & Wine
was a song we heard all the time
before the macrobiotic encounter
split the silver monitor the crashing
symptoms came complete 
with waves of Om on yellow gull feet

Blue moons a passenger with no ID
& nothing solid in the dictionary
no per diem, no booking fee, 
no very convincing reason to be
alone in swollen solidarity with
the puffer, the skink & the manatee

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