Sunday, January 20, 2013

Swan Song

Last night marked the end of the Waldorf Promotions era at Vancouver's Waldorf Hotel. Next week the hotel re-opens under the direction of its current owner, Marko Puharich, until the new owner, Solterra Group of Companies (and their hotel arm, Viaggo Hospitality Group), takes over this spring.

For those curious as to what this next phase of the Waldorf will look like, imagine Puharich at the front desk carping about how Waldorf Promotions cost him over $300K in unpaid rent (but not the millions more they made for him by adding value to his property) and Georgia Straight journalist and newsmaker Charlie Smith stapled to the far end of the Tiki Bar, boasting how he had a hand in Waldorf Promotion's demise -- and if we buy him a lemonade, he will tell us all about it.

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