Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where the Streets Have Names

Another marathon biking session yesterday and for the first time got lost riding home, taking Otto Braun when I meant to take Lichtenberger. Complicating things: a sticky brake pad. What should have been an 8km ride from Alan Kane's BQ opening felt more like 16.

Schoneberg is like Santa Monica to Los Angeles's Silverlake -- if Mitte was Silverlake. Twenty years ago I would not dream of riding a bicycle from Santa Monica to Silverlake (you would be taking your life in your hands), but while in L.A. last summer I noticed a lot more cycling than in past years, with towns that had once melted into the greater sprawl (Los Feliz, Atwater Village, etc.) becoming neighbourhoods, where people not only live, but live and work and play.

I was hoping to get my bike repaired today, but since it is raining I might take public transit instead. A visit to the Or Gallery Berlin on Oranienstrasse, and from there, who knows?

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