Saturday, April 23, 2011

A light standard at the northeast corner of 19th Avenue and Inverness Street. Attached to it, about five feet up, a sheet of A4 paper held in place by 2" wide pieces of transparent tape; a piece at the top and a piece at the bottom. Near the top, boxed and in bold caps: MARTIN HANDY MAN. Below that, unboxed and in slightly smaller print: YOUR FAVORITE NEIGHBOUR (the word "Windsor" in parentheses, with something following that, torn away).

MARTIN promises "Basic home repairs," which include "(tiling, basic plumbing, locksets)/ Good woodworking/ Furniture repair/ Space organization/ Scraping, patching, sanding, painting/ Gardening (weeding, triming [sic], planting)/ Help packing/ unpacking, loading, unloading." MARTIN also has "Construction & renovation experience/ Genera (sic) labour work/ Etc."

Despite the date, MARTIN tells us "It's summer: if you need a hand, let me know....I have the tools." MARTIN also has "solid references + [is] Super reliable." He offers "Free estimates ($20 X hr.)."

"Always happy, friendly and clean."

And below that: "Cell: 604 789 8586/"

Spanish speakers I know use the word "ambientes" to refer to what English speakers call the "environment".

The Spanish pronunciation of MARTIN is Mar-TEEN.

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