Thursday, April 21, 2011

Despite efforts by the City of Vancouver and community groups, the Fantasy Factory at Kingsway and Fraser remains open for business, pending the outcome of their latest appeal. Although I have no problem with people exploring their sexuality at the retail level, I did object to the store’s use of sexist material in their windows and am thankful they removed those objects from public view.

Apart from the glowing XXX sign, the store’s only other source of onsite advertising is a changeable letter sign that runs along the south end of the building. For the past three months this sign has read HUGE ADULT TOY SALE, and I have thought nothing of it.

Last week, while travelling west with one of our city’s more senior artists, I had occasion to pass Fantasy Factory, and the artist, who is by nature a quiet person and had said little since I picked her up five minutes before, recited the sign like a child who had just learned to read. I was about to fill her in on the controversy, when suddenly she turned to me and shouted, “Ouch!”

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