Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Below is the press release for a Vancouver Art Gallery exhibition I was asked to contribute to ("Would you be interested in doing something on film?"). I said yes and devised two displays, one called On Location 1: Elvy Del Bianco's Annotated Film Collection, the other called On Location 2: Four Double Bills. These works, along with many more, will be up for the next three months, beginning this Friday. On the floor above, a long-overdue retrospective on the work of Ken Lum.

WE: Vancouver –12 Manifestos for the City examines Vancouver through the extraordinary range of practices, actions and ideas that shape and activate it.

In this city dynamic activities occur at diverse levels and modes of production, from vast multi-million dollar developments to small projects realized on a shoestring. They may involve the work of a few or of many, but their impact on our perception of the city is broad and opens up alternate models for living and new possibilities for thinking about this place.

Architects offer diverse ways for us to occupy our built environment. Designers invite us to consider how we consume and interact with the world around us. Artists reconfigure the city, revealing new ways to see and be seen. Activists unsettle our patterns of engagement, indicating new pathways. Planners shift the very ground we walk on, proposing new models for communities. This exhibition gives form and voice to these many actions.

The exhibition includes the work of more than 40 Vancouver-based cultural producers, including Althea Thauberger, SHAPE, Red Flag Design, Keith Higgins, MGB Architecture, the Office for Soft Architecture, Michael Turner, Natalie Purschwitz, Robert Kleyn, Office Supplies Incorporated, Christian Kliegel, Sabine Bitter + Helmut Webber, and many others.

WE: Vancouver will feature events in collaboration with the exhibition participants. Please visit the Gallery’s Lectures and Talks page for more information

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