Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Up early this morning, 7AM PST, eager to run off what remained of the Banff Centre’s food and booze menu. Lisa’s flight was at noon, so I would have ample time to get her to the airport and ask her a few more questions about Rosa’s needs.

Complicating things was Lisa’s Monday email: Rosa had ingested some bacon-flavoured poison laid out by a neighbour who has rats.

I like Lisa’s description:

I was alerted to this deed by the appearance of an emerald green poo. The poison makers dye the bait so that dog owners will know it's time for the antidote-- Vitamin K1, which causes the blood to clot. The poison works by blocking K1 production in the liver, for as long as 6 weeks, so the blood can't clot. Then the animal bleeds to death internally. Nice. So Rosa, after two days at two vets, has been thoroughly monitored, and has received monster shots of K. Apart from the poo, there were no symptoms, so I caught this early enough to prevent any hemorrhage, and she will be just fine.

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