Sunday, August 1, 2010

A slow day yesterday. Provisions at the local supermarket, a coffee at Queen B’s and an impromptu visit with Allan Cowan, retired Federal Fisheries biologist, whom I saw while climbing Alder Street, a very steep grade.

Cowan was working the eastern slope of his spacious 2nd Avenue lot, where he had created a tiered garden. When asked why he had chosen such a difficult piece of land, he gave me an equally difficult answer, much of which I got down, in words and pictures, for a later piece.

My last outing was to Barry’s for a pig roast, up another steep grade, though this one was made of gravel. To our left, a pig sty, and still further, a newly erected barn, on the other side of which was “No Name”, the other pigs’ brother, a skewer driven through him.

The crowd at Barry’s was large, and many of the attendees brought their chairs. These are durable structures made of aluminum and nylon, with drink holders built into the arms.

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