Sunday, August 8, 2010

No visits yesterday, no explorations. A do-nothing day, like that ones I have at home.

A small breakfast before setting out on foot down Adele and Jamie’s driveway, across 2nd to the 30-foot diagonal slash that leads to the hospital parking lot. From there, another short walk to Highway 16, which is so sleepy I cross without looking.

Once across I take a path that leads to Queen B’s, where I drink coffee on her covered deck and chat with whoever is feeling social, pausing on occasion to take notes, most of them concerned with how much I like it here. Thirty feet below that, the harbour, filled with gillnetters, trollers; the other half pleasure craft.

I thought about returning to Adele and Jamie's, to pull a few more weeds, but thought otherwise. Adele mentioned she had purchased an 8-pound FOB coho at the market, and would I like to join them for dinner? Not wanting to show up empty handed I walked to the government liquor store, only to find it closed for lunch. Waiting with me were members of Kinnie Starr’s band, so more chat.

Today I will visit the Japanese garden of Brian Eccles, around the corner from where I am staying. Brian was at the Howler’s reading, but I have not seen him since.

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