Sunday, February 14, 2010

We are now three days into The Candahar, and over a thousand people have passed through our doors. The staff at Presentation House Gallery, resident artist Theo Sims and bartenders Conor and Chris Roddy from Belfast, not to mention architect Robert Kleyn, who did our sign, lighting and furniture, have worked hard to make this place a gas. As I find myself busier than I thought I would be, postings may wane.

Tonight being Valentine's Day (Gung Hey Fat Choy! my dear), The Candahar will feature "From Russia, With Love", an evening hosted by The Here & Now, a duo comprised of ex-cub vocalist Lisa Marr, now of Los Angeles, and Paulo. The band will talk, sing songs and show clips of their travels in the former Soviet Union. Perogies will be served.

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