Saturday, January 16, 2010

A week has passed since the opening of "to show, to give, to make it be there": Expanded Literary Practices in Vancouver, 1954-1969. Most of the (living) artists were in attendance --Tom Burrows, Judith Copithorne, Stan Douglas, Maxine Gadd, Glenn Lewis, Ian Wallace -- while Al Neil, whose legs "ain't what they used to be," dropped by the reception.

The walking tour was well-received, though exhausting: fifty minutes non-stop. I invited Judith and Maxine to say a few words, which they did. Ian Wallace too. I repeated the tour on Wednesday, for the SFU Graduate Student Society's Correspondences series, and managed to knock off a few minutes. A good discussion after.

This past weekend saw a number of openings. Today I visited Presentation House Gallery for Laid Over to Cover: Weaving and Photography in the Salishan Landscape, then the Helen and Morris Belkin for Backstory: Nuuchaanulth Ceremonial Curtains and the Work of Ki-Ke-In (aka Ron Hamilton). Last night I attended the opening of the new Woodward's complex, which featured, among other things, the unveiling of Stan Douglas's Abbott & Cordova, 7 August 1971 and the "lighting" of the Woodward's W, a structure that looks more like two Vs -- one for Vancouver the Rich, one for Vancouver the Poor. Following that, a mostly affirmative discussion involving Douglas, community activist Jim Green, developer Ian Gillespie, Liz Evans from the Portland Hotel Society, Owen Underhill from SFU's School for the Contemporary Arts and architect Gregory Henriquez in the Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, led by that most conceited of arts commentators, Robert Enright.

So another busy weekend -- with more on the horizon. But after the Olympics, what then? Seems the next three years of provincial arts funding has been advanced to us. Why didn't we see this coming?

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  1. Hi Michael
    Karen Tallman here
    I have never interacted with a blog before.. don't know the protocol.. hope I don't blow it

    this is a little late but have meant to contact you and say that it's great that you were selected as the E&W Tallman guy

    also that Brain Debeck and I have a mid-size collection of wonderful Bissett paintings and drawings via Warren. Bill knows about them and we have been happy to lend to exhibitions that come along.

    best though belated