Sunday, January 31, 2010

A reception last night at Every Letter In The Alphabet (1875 Powell Street) for Alex Morrison’s new sign (out front), Dexter Sinister’s Newsreader Furniture (installation), publications by Jason McLean and Mark DeLong, and the Broadsiding banner project Geoffrey Farmer and I collaborated on, now hanging in the apertures of the Vancouver Public Library atrium.

Although delighted by how the banners turned out, it was Mark DeLong’s Cold Pop that made my evening.

DeLong, a self-taught artist living in Vancouver, is at his best with 2x3 panel grids on A4 paper, sometimes marking all six panels, other times leaving them blank, for emphasis. These are hastily-drawn sequences, as quick to paper as the synapses that inspired them. Recurrent characters include Grape Ape, Susan and Dan the Baby.

Cold Pop is published by Seems.

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