Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am looking at the new cover of Hard Core Logo, the third since the book was first published in May, 1993. Not feeling very good about it. The publisher said they needed a new cover because the files were lost and they had to reprint. Same with the rest of the book, which had to be rebuilt from scratch (an attempt to restore the original titles has the letters too close).

How is it that these things get lost? You would think they might look after this stuff.

The cover is based on a Roaring Springs brand college notebook, with a sticker over the box for your name, grade and school. Printed onto the sticker is the original Hard Core Logo cover text, in red, white and black. Above it is a quote from the Georgia Straight; below it, my name. Both are illegible.

The idea was to make a kind of anti-book, closer to the notebook carried around by the band’s bass player. Problem is, it doesn’t work. The proportions are wrong, and the spine’s too administrative.

Wish I went with my instincts and insisted on something so basic you’d have to open the book to know what it was about. Next time the files go missing, I’ll do that.

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