Monday, August 6, 2018

Two Line [Concrete] Poem

Literally, right?

I agree with Adorno: Popular culture (PC) infects -- and destroys -- everything it touches. Angela Carter alluded to this in The Sadeian Woman (1978), where she discourses on that popular (cultural) genre known as Pornography -- how it performs a burlesque of all it rubs up against (namely, the Mainstream). The Trump presidency is similar. As an emblem of popular culture (television personality), Trump is another nail in what is for some that coffin called Politics.

For years, popular culture maintained an embassy in my brain. At some point in my early-30s I came to my senses and gave its ambassador 24 hours to leave my body. The results took awhile to measure. Then measurement became a distraction, a market tool.

Just when did finance trump politics? That took awhile too. The 1970s? The Carter Administration's Transportation Deregulation Act? The 1980s? The Lenin Shipyards in Gdansk?

Ugh, it's early. How come I can't sleep at night?

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