Sunday, June 3, 2018

Art Writing

An opening. I am at an art opening.

An artist had an idea, connected with a gallery, and it was decided that the work would be exhibited, that it would open and the public would enter -- until it closed a few weeks later and the gallery would lie quiet for a while before repeating the cycle.

I am sorry that Tommy's exhibition had to be the one to inspire this post, but knowing Tommy, he will understand. Pattern and repetition interest him, from factory work to the zoetrope to house music to the writing of code -- all of it "encouraged" by the hectoring voice of the master.

As for the mouth behind this master's voice, I recognized it immediately as belonging to Mark Oliver, who, in his late-50s now, might well be the original slacker -- if he weren't doing so well as a voice actor. Mark's show business break-through, he likes to tell people, came as a late-90s "ass double" for Terence Stamp.

Here is Terence in Pasolini's Theorema (1968):

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