Tuesday, March 20, 2018

By Instant Coffee

Can Instant Coffee's audio equivalent of the monochrome transcend its literal relationship to the data it consumes?

There is no one at Websit Labs to subject the collective's app to rigorous testing. There is no "At Websit Labs, we feel..." because there is no Websit Labs. Only websit, or we(bs)it.

That "feel" is the same feeling you get when inhaling through your pink no(i)se -- the same "we".

The "we" in We, the feeling.

Instant Coffee is a feeling machine. It has pumps and hoses, shielded cable with liquid coursing through it, and an app.

Those curdled bits of sour cream that won't blend with the borscht.

Wite-Out on a wet, pink bough.

I am speaking of the app's visual representation, as publicity, which it also is, yet isn't.

I am speaking of its beleaguered sincerity.

Instant Coffee sounds best as a bellows.

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