Sunday, October 22, 2017

Griffin Art Projects

Yesterday was a residency day at Griffin Art Projects, where I spent most of the afternoon reading the Fire Safety Plan. Not only did I discover some intriguing facts about the building, I also learned how a city or a district's "fire" regulations, like its "health" regulations, involve more than smouldering rags and unrefrigerated mayonnaise. (Recall Ray Bradbury's futuristic Fahrenheit 451, where fire brigades are primarily responsible for setting fire to books. Or the 19th century, when barbers performed amputations.)

I was about to attempt a Fire Watch "walk-through", for no other reason than than to enter it into the Plan's log, when Catarina from the Seattle Art Museum arrived to see Paul P.'s show, but also to joke, "I have been in Vancouver all day and I have yet to see a photograph!" That was one distraction. Another involved Paul's call to the gallery, whereupon learning that I was present asked Lee what I was wearing -- to which Lee provided what I thought at the time to be a rather dull description, only to realize later that what Paul was really asking was whether or not I was wearing work clothes.

The picture above was taken at the entrance of the Griffin, and was immediately sent to Catarina. Not a broken drain pipe, but the effect of a broken drain pipe. (It is my attempt at a Turner. Not the train, but its smoke as a measure of its locomotion.) In order to get the best picture possible, in the safest way possible, I had to borrow a rain poncho from the utility room. So yes, Paul, it was taken in work clothes. I literally had to bend over backwards to take it!

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