Tuesday, June 6, 2017


The Vapours performance was part of Emily Hill's Looks exhibition at the Campbell River Art Gallery. In addition to Emily's rug paintings, the exhibition featured a video by Feminist Land Art Collective members and Exercise co-founders Nicole Ondre and Vanessa Disler. Emily had a studio at Exercise and participated in a number of its events.

Looks is organized by artist and former CRAG curator Julia Prudhomme, who, during her short run at the gallery, developed a contemporary program (Sonny Assu, Amy Malbeuf + Jordan Bennett, Samuel Roy-Bois, Derya Akay) that was attentive to the particularities of the local cultural ecology while at the same time expanded the limits of painting and sculpture. Why the CRAG's director did not show up to help open the exhibition and offer parting words for Julia could be indicative of where the CRAG is -- and isn't -- headed. But if that's the case, oh well -- yet another instance of time over space.

Best of luck, Julia!


  1. Conflicted, the CRAG still cannot bring itself to append "Public" to its gallery description. Yet it is very much a public art gallery and, as such, must answer to Canada Council for its questionable (mis)use of funds... and just where is the C.C.fo'T.A. in all this? They may only wait, so the spokespeople mutter, until the CRAG issues a "Final Report" in December 2017. The situation is so insane it makes one wish for art cops(!) but, sadly, Greta, we only have a conscience and, perhaps, a beer light to guide us. If there were such a thing as universal justice, why, someone (like Ander Krisson) would have some splainin' to do.
    And just where did all that money go???

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  3. Dear Stretch-the-truth-to-fit-the-climate: Recently I have been throwing up. A lot. I work at a public art gallery and I think it might have something to do with the various administraitors (sic). What should I?

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