Friday, May 5, 2017

The Final Frontier (1992)

The Georgia Straight is exactly 50 years old. That's a long time, especially these days.

To mark its anniversary the Straight published an annotated list of "50 albums that shaped Vancouver." Included is an album I helped to make with my old band, Hard Rock Miners.

Normally I would be flattered -- but there are too many omissions! (Remember, the Straight is talking albums that "shaped" the city, not our favourites.) For example, of the 50 albums selected (one for each year), only three are by solo women artists!

Ann Mortifee's recording of The Ecstasy of Rita Joe (1975) is an important record -- an original score from a play that everyone in Vancouver saw that year.

Same too for Sarah McLachlan's Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (1993), an album whose contribution to Kitsilano goddess culture is on par with Joni Mitchell's Court and Spark (1974) and Tracy Chapman's Tracy Chapman (1988).

Animal Slaves was an art band, a great band. What about Dog Eat Dog (1984)?

Spirit of the West's impact was huge and intergenerational. What about Labour Day (1988)?

No hip-hop? What about Rascalz's Really Livin' (1992)?

cub's Betti-Cola (1993)?

Kinnie Starr's Tidy (1996)?

Destroyer's We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge (1996)?

Oh yeah, and Louis Cyphre -- thanks for uploading this yesterday. That Circle C record is among my Top 50, everywhere.

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