Tuesday, April 25, 2017

.art registration period

It appears that the worker in Rodchenko's poster forgot to include the hyphen when shouting, "e-flux."

Only two weeks left in the ominously-titled ".art registration period," according to e(ntrepreneur)-flux's Anton Vidokle. Come May 9th the draw-bridge comes up and those not aboard this Russian's arc will miss out on the cheese plate that is the Revolution's centenary.

Here is what the e-fluxetariat sent out this morning:

"This struggle must be organised, according to 'all the rules of the art,' by people who are professionally engaged in revolutionary activity."
–Vladimir Lenin, What Is To Be Done?, 1901
The centenary of the October Revolution is around the corner.
So is the end of the .ART professional registration period—on May 9 to be exact. After that you might lose out on your top choice of best domain names, and more popular names will get pricier.
Join our comrades at ICA LondonPara SiteStedelijk and many others across the planet. Get a registration token at www.e-flux.art.
Questions? Email artdomain@e-flux.com.
And here is a sample of what Vidokle told the Guardian last month:
'Being an artist implies a normative departure from bourgeois society. It’s a different kind of extension because it refers to a different lifestyle, so, unlike other domains, .art has the capacity to draw artists and institutions to itself.'

Yes, "implies" is the right (and careful) word. But is "different"? As for "itself," I reminded of the Borg.

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