Saturday, March 25, 2017

This Now, More Than Ever

Three months ago SFU Galleries director Melanie O'Brian and SFU English professor Stephen Collis sent out invitations to contribute to an emergency exhibition/publication/conversation entitled This Now, More Than Ever. It read:

In response to our pressurized new world order, we are seeking visual and textual responses (and these can be immediate responses, not belabored ones) from artists, theorists and writers that will be presented at SFU Gallery, Burnaby with a potential digital parallel.

We are undertaking this as part of a constellation of events occurring in response - several at SFU - and would be interested to hear about other related projects.

The invitation was accompanied by a larger text, available here. (Pictured above is the publication.)

Taking their instruction to heart, I thought all of sixty seconds before composing an old-style personal ad -- informed by new world problems:


Eurasian moment with chronic neoliberal distention looking to disembody, turn time
into space. Of variable means, prone to malaise but never lazy, and a heart -- OMG! a
heart that is large and getting larger! If you are worldwide, sustainable, intentional and
metaphysical, could we meet, start over?

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