Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Writing

Earlier this year I conducted an interview with Erik von Muller and Lee Plested, the principals behind The Apartment. The result is a feature article in the summer issue of Canadian Art magazine.

While the article concludes with von Muller and Plested talking optimistically of the Apartment's "future plans," it was recently made public that the gallery would close at the end of August.

Fans of the gallery should not despair -- Plested will continue his work with rich people. This fall he is co-ordinating Griffin Art Projects, a private enterprise focused on "creating context and scholarship for works that are held in private collections." He is also back for a third season at the Contemporary Art Gallery's Night School.

More recently I was asked by the New Centre for Research & Practice to provide a response to Maria Lind's August 25th supercommunity post, the result of which can be found here.

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