Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kingsway (1995)

This November marks the 20th anniversary of Kingsway, a collection of poems I wrote that concerns itself with a Vancouver road that existed prior to European "contact." Because the book is almost out of print, Arsenal Pulp Press asked if I would write an afterword for a new edition, to which I said yes. APP also suggested I take some new photographs, and that I consider a new cover.

Here is the first cover, designed by Dean Allen:

The cover concept I came up with (atop this post) is based on the old Warner-Elektra-Atlantic Records (WEA) cassette formats from the 1970s and 80s. Because vinyl LP covers are square, and cassette cases are rectangular, the preservation of the square record cover necessitated the black space below it. I am interested in this adaptation, this necessitation, and so was Brian Lam, the publisher, and Gerilee McBride, the designer.

Here is the referent cover I gave to Gerilee:

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