Monday, January 19, 2015

White Pelican

Yesterday I dropped by People's Co-op Bookstore to see what's new in used books. The two titles I left with are a 2005 "corrected" reissue of Roy Kiyooka's Transcanada Letters (1966-1975) and the first issue of White Pelican (Winter, 1971), which features an interview with Kiyooka, but also two of his letters: one to Phyllis Webb, the other to Charlotte Townsend, before she and her future husband hyphenated their last names to Townsend-Gault.

Below is the opening of Kiyooka's letter to Charlotte:

FROM EXPO '70, & ALL …
9/ 10/ 69

Dear Charlotte

.  .  .  . my sculpture is a flag wavering in my mind's eye.
its a Magritte flag fluttering at half-mast on a windless day!

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