Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Book of George

The Comox Valley Art Gallery's The Book of George: The Life and Art of George Sawchuk included a "Canada Day Potluck" at the home of Sawchuk and his long-time co-vivant, Pat Helps. The event included back porch readings by Elizabeth Bachinsky and Terry Glavin, with parenthetic remarks by the exhibition's guest curator, Grant Shilling.

In addition to Sawchuk's backyard forest sculpture garden, visitors were invited inside his studio/workshop.

The following day I paid a visit to the CVAG, where Shilling toured me through the exhibition, much of it taken up with Sawchuk's "portables"

but also photographs and drawings, some of which Shilling brought out from the back room. Like this one:

This weekend I will write my review of The Book of George for Canadian Art, which should be online  around the middle of the month.

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