Thursday, January 23, 2014

Robin Laurence

Vancouver has four English-language daily newspapers: two of which cost money (The Vancouver Sun and The Province), two of which are commuter free sheets (Metro and 24 Hours). In addition to that, a twice-weekly home delivered paper (Vancouver Courier) and a weekly (The Georgia Straight).

Of these hard copy newspapers, only the weekly has a dedicated visual art critic. Her name is Robin Laurence, and her bio lists her as a contributing editor at English-Canada's two largest visual art magazines: Canadian Art and Border Crossings.

Yesterday I went looking for a some writing by Laurence that, like Holland Cotter's article in the New York Times, provides a view beyond that of the artist profile or the exhibition review. What I found was a June 2009 article in "The New Aesthetic" issue of Adbusters, entitled "An Aesthetic Crisis", which asks: "Visual art moves from modernism to postmodernism…to what?"

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