Thursday, June 20, 2013

Not Making the News

The question of what is news and what makes news speaks less to the flow of information than the news agencies (newspapers, television) that organize and convey that information.

In the report above, we hear from a concerned citizen, someone who has come upon information, formed a proposition (the relationship between seismic activity in the southern United States and the Caribbean) and asked not only why the major news agencies have failed to report this proposition, but why his source (Google Maps) did not include the times in which this activity occurred.

While some might argue that this lack of reportage constitutes a conspiracy, or at the very least a willful decision on the part of news agencies not to convey the relationship between earthquakes in the southern U.S. and the Caribbean, that might be moot given the rather large hit count this citizen's report has received (for he is, in this instance, the news agent). Another question concerns how a formal news agency might report these findings in a dynamic and entertaining fashion, lest its viewers change the channel.

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