Tuesday, April 16, 2013

20 Innsbruckerstrasse

Yesterday's British Airways flight to Berlin (via Heathrow) was one of my better Atlantic crossings. From now on I want to fly to Europe only in the evenings.

Arrived at 20 Innsbruckerstrasse at approximately 7:30PM, following a short bus and S-Bahn trip from Tegel. Some wine and cheese on the balcony with Judy, then another S-Bahn trip, this time to Oranienburg, where we dined with Juan Gaitán and the staff of the 2014 Berlin Biennale at their KW headquarters in Mitte.

Among those gathered on this balmy first night of spring was the artist Shahryar Nashat, a most generous conversationalist whose studio I will visit next week.

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