Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cassiar Cannery

Sara Diamond's video of salmon cannery workers brought back memories of Cassiar Cannery, just south of Port Edward, B.C., where I spent my summers (1973-1983) -- first with my family, then, as the company expanded, on my own as a young worker.

Feeling sentimental, I went looking online. Sure enough there are more than a couple Cassiar Cannery albums. The video up top features an appearance by yours truly (1:14-1:18). Think I had just turned seventeen when that picture was taken, making it 1979.

So nice to see the faces of those so important to me, both then and now.

Hello Ambrose, Audrey, Barry Jr., Billy Rush, Bobby, Bonita, Carrie-Lee, Chapman, Chris, Corey, Curly, Daisy, Dwayne, Dorinda, Eilagh, Frankie, Fred, Doug Grassick, Harold, Nora, Georgie, Hazel, Mike Postak, Roddy, Ronnie, Sheila, Teddy, Todd, Violet, Walter...

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