Sunday, August 26, 2012

Protesting Caligula

This super-8 film was shot in front of the Towne Cinema on Granville Street (between Smithe and Nelson) in July 1981. The woman we hear from early on (who appears near the end as well) is the Reverend Bernice Gerard, a Christian evangelist and former Vancouver city councillor who, for many years, was first out of the gate on matters pertaining to sex and sexuality.

Thank you to hanssipma's channel for this excellent document.


  1. Fantastic find. I suppose it wasn't long after this footage that the Squamish Five firebombed those porn shops on Granville.

    I miss the old Granville street immensely. Especially the Paradise with their 5 dollar triple bills and LSD dealing skinheads that would skulk around the entrance. All the slime has been Disneyfied now, and all the soul as well.

    I'm going to pass this video on and list you and hanssipma as the source. GREAT!

    - Shay

  2. Oh, and Rev. Bernice Gerard reminds me of England's own infamous guardian of morality, Mary Whitehouse, only if she was a tranny.