Saturday, June 16, 2012

Glezhe Na'che

Day One of the Sweetwater 905 Festival is in the books. Eleven hours of non-stop performances, with visual art displays and horse-drawn public transit.

Of the many acts last night, a highlight for me was a trio from Prince George that performs under the name Glezhe Na'che.

As emcee I read out quite a few bios, but Glezhe Na'che's caught my eye, a bio that spoke not of genre or record labels but what happens along the way.

"Slow, low-key, and constantly searching for a melody. Waking from a dream to find that translation is not for the mind, but an exercise of the heart. Glezhe Na'che has been on a seemingly endless effort to find some peace and quiet; however, stumbling into a few hummable tunes during a sporadic and somewhat tumultuous road to enlightenment has yet to generate the desired outcome... Always the unsuspecting storyteller, Glezhe Na'che promises to sink or swim when under the watchful eye of the audience and his acoustic sets have the ability to do just that."


  1. A pleasure Mr. Michael Turner. One small edit to mention, Glezh Na'che is from Tsay Keh Dene... I will leave you once again with a written description of Glezhe's endless search for the calm comforts of eternal sleep.

    Mussi cho (big thanks), in time - Glezhe Na'che

    "Well kids... is it spring or has Glezhe Na'che once again misinterpreted this dreamlike place as his tangible domain? Is it possible to touch or be touched in this new world that I see? Have I ventured far enough to create what is real in one, or another's, perceived waking world?
    Perhaps it is best left to the human perception to decide my fate... Maybe their collective consciousness will lead me to sleep once again; however, I feel an unwavering fear that sends shivers straight through the centre of the earth's fiery core, leaving many pulses to wander, and stray, far from the ancient bloodlines that brought them into existence... syncopated and growing in volume, oh when will this percussive intrusion cease to fill my ears... When will Glezhe find the peaceful solitude of enternal sleep?
    So here it is, and in this way it is explained...
    For now Glezhe Na'che will capture the rhythms that have haunted his hidden den and release the dormant melodies that have rested upon his tongue, fermenting in the deep, warming comfort of sleep.
    May the melodies of sleep ride upon, and tame, the restless rhythms of shackled souls - across the water and into the sun, not even mountains will cast shadows on the beauty of song..."

  2. I' d like to know, what's happened with the video and the "Song For Peace".
    Why it was removed from the you tube?
    ( ... ? )