Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back in the early-1980s, while attending the University of Victoria, I was given a Vanguard Records LP of mid-60s folk singers by my friend Garnet McPhee. On that LP was a song called "Green, Green Rocky Road" by a group listed as Alabama School House. Because of its title, and because Jim Green was born in Alabama, I went looking for this song to post on websit. Little did I know that there are many versions of "Green, Green Rocky Road" -- yet none of them by Alabama School House.

The version below is by Fred Neil, who features prominently in Bob Dylan's beautifully picaresque Chronicles, Volume One. Fans of the late Jeff Buckley, and his father, Tim (who predeceased him), will note the influence of Neil on their work. Which reminds me: another great LP Garnet brought to my attention was Neil's The Other Side of This Life (1971), a collection of "live" and alternate tracks.

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