Monday, December 12, 2011

Today is the thirteenth and final meeting of those enrolled in Emily Carr University of Art and Design’s HUMN 311 F006 (Expanded Literary Practices), a special topics seminar course designed by practicing artists based on their research interests. As my interests include convergences between visual and literary practices, we looked at everything from Baudelaire to Flarf, from the Cubism of Gertrude Stein to the poems of Dan Graham.

The course began with four lectures based on a reading of Craig Dworkin and Kenneth Goldsmith’s introductory essays to their Against Expression (2010) anthology of “conceptual writing,” followed by weekly class presentations. At the end of last week’s presentations, participants submitted their essays, which I have now marked and will be returning to them this afternoon.

Although HUMN 311 courses are academic, I gave participants the option of doing a “creative” paper in place of an expository essay, or an additional "creative" work to enhance their grade.

Below is a video by Petyna Bougie, who presented and wrote on Flarf poetry, a search engine generated poetry that begins with odd juxtapositions. After her presentation, it occurred to Petyna that she might make something based on her longstanding interest in “bad dancing.” At the end of her essay, I found a page that read:

Youtube Flarf videos by Petyna Bougie

Flarf Feeder – The initial video collage of the Google video responses from typing in “Bad” + “Dancer”. “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga also came up in the search which is why it is the audio track for the video.

Inappropriate Bad Dancing – My performing * the video I put together for Flarf Feeder. The Clash was chosen as the audio track as a contrast to the choreography that was being done and the length of the song fit the video.

The videos are both searchable by title on Youtube.

* Bad Dancing is better and easier when you have an audience [happy face emoticon].

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