Sunday, March 13, 2011

I awoke early Saturday to a beautiful song whose source I could not locate. Stepping from my bed I stumbled through the darkened house and saw that it was coming from Hassan’s mobile, what turned out to be a work commissioned by the phone’s manufacturer, an alarm tone by Police drummer Stewart Copeland.

Unable to sleep, I returned to the Pethick literature and took a few more notes before setting out to Joe King Park, where Margaret had reserved the hall so that Jerry’s Hornby works could be documented at a single location. Fittingly, not all of Jerry’s works could be moved, so those that were not were photographed in situ.

As Scott continued the ardent task of photographing works comprised of Spectrafoil and diffraction grating, often taking multiple shots towards a composite document, Margaret and I stole off for lunch in the sunshine of her kitchen, a room distinct from her and Yana’s bedrooms.

What a joy it was to hear from Margaret about her and Jerry’s time in London, Paris and San Francisco, which inevitably led them and Yana to Hornby Island, in 1975, where they lived in a cave at Downes Point before moving to their home on Savoie Road, which she and Yana share with chickens, pigs, and as of this Monday -- turkeys!

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