Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A request posted on Dr. Ruth’s site:

Please help us. My 21-year old son who is new to sex, says that he cannot tolerate even the extra large condoms as they are painful and cause him to lose the erection. They are too tight. (His dad was like this also). He is very tall and a big athletic guy. Are there any other ideas or condoms that you can suggest so he will use them? Please advise.

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  1. "When I masturbate, I usually come within 5-10 mins, and can masturbate 5 times a day without making a deal out f it, 6 being the maximum. When my gf gives me handjobs also I come within 5-7 mins. But when she blows me, it takes around 10-15 mins and that too with combined hand action. It’s really tiring for her. On top of that, when we have sex, I can go on for 15-20 mins without ejaculation, and she usually has to jerk me off after around 15 mins or so of sex. It’s really frustrating and tiring. And because of that, we have lost interest in sex and now usually go for oral sex or handjobs 4 me/ fingering 4 her. Please HELP..."

    Dr. Ruth: "Stop masturbating so much."