Friday, April 23, 2010

Spurred on by favorable reviews, a friend and I visited the Pink Peppercorn (1485 Kingsway) last night for dinner.

Seeing as the restaurant bills itself as a “seafood house,” and that the owner-chef came from The Cannery, I had the Ahi tuna and my friend, the un-Wellington-ed spring salmon. Both dishes were to our immediate satisfaction, though on the walk home it occurred to us that everything we ate, and everything we saw carried past us, was bathed in butter.

I would recommend this restaurant, especially to the strong-hearted, though at the same time would urge the chef to pursue a new and healthier medium in which to cook his dishes, many of which could be made with olive oil, to similar effect.

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  1. Hello Neighbour

    Holy crow! You are famous! And phew, you are busy! Books and Company is one of those special places near and dear to my heart that I miss very much since I moved to Vancouver from Prince George a year ago. The next time you are headed to the wild beautiful north let me know. I will send you a list of some of the finest local eateries from Haida Guai to Fort Nelson. You must try hunckleberry fruit crisp and cedar smoked salmon drenched in birch syrup.

    (Chris and Bella)